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0 Response to 'Shibuya. November 17th 2015. Since the day I left Japan after stepping foot in Tokyo for the first time (on vacations ofc) my only thought would be: when will I come again? After 6 long, life changing years, I'm back. I'm not the same girl as I was back then, I'm changed, life changed and now I'm coming with my husband. But I still feel those butterflies inside when I smell this place (I have this thing with scents, they bring memories back to my mind) when I hear the train jingles, when I step into the loud and colorful game centers (and I'm not even a gamer) or when I bow in response to the always so inviting "irashaimasen" at the stores. I'm so happy to be here, for all the memories it brings and even more for all the memories it will create. Yours truly. #thought #experiences #tokyo #tokyostreets #japan #shibuya #trip #6yearslater #memories #2009 #2015 #happy #nostalgia #lifechanges #somethingsneverchange #personalthoughts by andreia_ella'

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