Making a Cheap Ring Flash

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I just got interested in ring flash even if i've never used one but i just saw pictures done using it and so i tried to find ways to build one for free!

What is a Ring Flash?

Ring flash is a circular photographic flash that fits around the lens, especially for use in macro (or close-up) photography. Its most important characteristic is providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the photograph, as the origin of the light is very close to (and surrounds) the optical axis of the lens. When the subject is very close to the camera, as is the case in macro photography, the distance of the flash from the optical axis becomes significant. For objects close to the camera, the size of the ring flash is significant and so the light encounters the subject from many angles in the same way that it does with a conventional flash with soft box. This has the effect of further softening any shadows.

Ring flashes are also very popular in portrait and fashion photography. In addition to softening shadows, the unique way that a ring flash renders light gives the model a shadowy halo which is a common feature of fashion Wikipedia says...

This is actually what you'll get:

Click here for Examples

As i previously said, i've never used one, but i'm planning to, so i found some useful link on how to do-it-yourself!

All the credits go to the authors.

1) The flickr group full of DIY ring flash and lighting DIY

2) DIY ring flash from swilton

3) Really cheap and simple DIY ring flash from antontrax

4) Super cheap DIY ring flash from jedrek

5) Ring flash for built-in flash

6) Christmas Light Ring Flash by Tom Edge Photography

7) D.I.Y. ring flash from latente (in italian)

8) Finally a really well done blogspot about strobist infos



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